Kakabadze Foundation

Founded in 2012, Kakabadze Foundation actively promotes a broader understanding of David Kakabadze’s artistic legacy by providing access to the artist’s family’s collection as well as to various resources, and by developing scholarly and educational programs.

The Foundation’s collection and archives comprise various materials including, artworks, sketches, manuscripts, and printed matter (reference books, catalogues, periodicals, brochures and ephemera).

As part of a large-scale, multifaceted project marking the 130th anniversary of the artist’s birth, Kakabadze Foundation created a web-platform, with an extensive image library of its collection and archives. 

Part of the project’s intent was to research the challenges and opportunities related to digital archives in general. As well as to examine the digital archive not merely as a physical structure but as a system of how different processes and individuals influence what can and cannot be seen, accessed, distributed and re-used.

Kakabadze Foundation provides access to a wide range of records and archives, focusing on their accessibility for future uses, including historical research, and it will continue to play a critical role in elucidating the relevance of both existing and new ideas, with an attempt to preserve and expand access to the artist’s heritage.