David Kakabadze Archive Exhibition

Within the framework of an interdisciplinary symposium BAZA, Kakabadze Foundation presented a showcase of David Kakabadze's archives. The exhibition brought together artist's collages, scientific experiments, photos, diverse written documents and writings about the interrelation between architecture, art and science.

Research is facilitated through work with an open-structured archive, activating the archive as a means of research and education, curatorial practice as well as artistic production. The design of the displays and spatial solutions was informed by the content and attempted to integrate Kakabadze's archives into a contemporary reading and practice. Importance was given to engagement and intuition and less so to the institutional framing of the archives.


Nina Akhvlediani

Project director

Mariam Kakabadze

Exhibition design

Nina Akhvlediani and Aleksi Soselia

Project supported by

TBC Bank